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Furnished with a studio workshop area dedicated for fashion design studies, GTC School of Fashion aims to transfer creative industrial knowledge and expertise to the next generations aspiring designers. Our programmes are created based on real industry demand with an emphasis on helping our learners prepare for their careers in this global industry. Our teaching staff come from academic and industry professional backgrounds and the values of our teaching methods are based on professionalism, transferring skills and innovation.


In GTC, We understand business activities are the key drivers of economic growth worldwide. But we also know that growth needs to be sustainable. Our business courses take learner on an exploration of the fast-moving and challenging business, financial and management fields. We encourage community to be innovative and socially responsible, and teach them business skills and practices so they can lead, develop and change any enterprise, anywhere in the world.


GTC information technology courses take learner on an exploration of the IT field. We provide the foundational knowledge and industry skills student need to apply information technologies to a range of settings. For example, they’ll
learn how to develop product and services that improve lives, drive the digital entertainment business or provide technical assistance to business and industry: It’s just a matter of choosing the course that suits the future learner can picture.


In GTC, We strongly believe the ability to understand, predict and explain human behaviour is essential to improving lives in society. That’s why we offer popular psycholog courses at Global Technological Campus. Our Psychology
courses take you on an exploration into human behaviour. Together, we discover the secrets to the human brain in order to understand what motivates actions and behaviours. We also place an emphasis on social groups and interactions. In addition to theory, learner will gain practical skills to prepare them for a rewarding career that can improve the lives of others



Strategic Marketing

School of Hospitality

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